About Chaya

We believe that every good relationship starts with honesty, openness and, not least, curiosity. So on this page we would like to invite you inside and show you a bigger picture of Chaya. You will hopefully quickly discover that we care about what we do and that we are sincerely convinced that you will find with us the best and most sustainable tea you will ever have.

The name Chaya is Japanese and means the little teahouse – and that’s how it all started for us. With a small teahouse that has grown bigger over the years, but still sticks to being present and personal.

Chaya’s history goes back 40 years to when Bente Valbak got the idea to establish a company selling tea. At that time, she often traveled to the East and took a special interest in the tea culture. She decided to make good quality tea available to all Danes by selling it per mail order. Everyone in the family was active in the work when tea had to be filled into tubes, boxes packed and taken to the post office. In that way, Chaya has always been like an extra family member.

Precisely because Chaya has always had a central place in the family, it was only natural that the second generation, Bente’s daughter Kirstine Laurents, entered the company in 2000. Since then, the third generation has also become an active part of Chaya. Together, they and their passionate employees run Chaya as a modern tea shop with a focus on quality, unique experiences and sustainability in all stages of the business.

Today, Chaya is present both online and physically in two stores, where you can delve into more than 70 different types of tea and a carefully selected range of delicious accessories for the tea table. We also supply tea to large and small companies – both for everyday use and on special occasions in the form of company and Christmas gifts. In addition, we are tenants of Queen Louise’s Tea House, where you can enjoy Afternoon Tea in beautiful surroundings. As something new, in 2021 we have also become tenants of the café at Ordrupgaard Art Museum.

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